Solid Shampoo and Conditioner

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These amazing and convenient bars are formulated to pack a 3 in 1 bubbly punch. First and foremost they are a very gentle and conditioning shampoo made with organic coconut oil to leave your hair soft, shiny and full of body. They also create piles of lather when rubbed into a bath pouf for a delightful, all-over creamy body wash. And finally, lather onto your legs, underarms and bikini line for a perfect, gentle shave.


More Benefits: Just one shampoo bar can take the place of 3 plastic bottles of liquid shampoo. There are no plastic bottles to recycle. This one multi-purpose bar is also perfect for travel & camping. Long lasting! One bar can last up to 50 shampoos or more. Available in the following fragrances: Coconut and Mango.  

$10 each. 



These salon-quality solid bars of eco-friendly magic will hydrate, moisturize, detangle, reduce static and smooth flyaway hair. They repair, protect, reduce frizz and add glorious shine to your locks. They're perfect for every hair type or condition, including color-treated or heavily processed hair, and can also be applied as a "leave in" conditioner. They are gentle enough for children.  In addition, after stepping out of the shower or bath, try massaging your conditioner bar all over your body as a divine moisturizer. You can also smooth over your legs and other areas for the closest, silkiest shave ever.


More Benefits:   No plastic bottles to recycle - This one multi-purpose bar is perfect for travel & camping.  Long lasting! This super-concentrated bar will replace 3-5 bottles of liquid conditioner. 

$10 each.