Artisanal Soap

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A luscious deep base of fruity nuances with blackberries and wild huckleberry paired with a citrus accord of white grapefruit, quince and tangerine which adds a romantic sparkle.




This is a smooth, soft touch of sweet citrus delight for the senses. The touch of ginger takes this soft lemon in a new direction.

DRAGONFLY MOON - Temporarily Sold Out
A soft, sensual fragrance of night blooming Moon Flowers nestled into a soft earthy bed of Spanish moss and summer woods. This is classic, noticeably pleasant and fresh, which is why it remains a favorite among both young and mature women.
Enjoy the pure intoxicating scent of golden raw honey, no florals, no spices or other distractions. In spite of its name, this bar is Vegan. 
Wishing you were on a tropical Pacific island? Enjoy this blend of sweet pineapple, acai berry, mango zest, tart passion fruit, yuzu zest, green apple, orchid leaves and musky nuances. 
ITALIAN LINEN - Temporarily Sold Out
Nostalgic expressions of the Calabrian hillside, capturing the gentle breeze of ferns, violets and barely a whisper of lavender. 
A blend of French, Bulgarian and Tasmanian lavender to create this "Classic" soap cherished by all generations. 
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